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2019 Spotlight

© Marina Abramović, The Lovers (Star), 1988, Courtesy of the Marina Abramović Archives and Sean Kelly Gallery (New York & Taipei)


Marina Abramović’s legendary series “The Lovers” (1988) was the focus of the 2019 Spotlight exhibition. A defining moment in the history of performance art, this was the first opportunity for audiences in Mainland China to witness the final collaborative piece Abramović produced with her former partner Ulay. The work is a heartbreaking record of the pair walking towards each other along the length of the Great Wall of China, meeting in the middle to end their relationship.


The entire set of twelve color photographs with unique drawings was on view alongside the 2-channel video of the work. In addition, we will feature an interview between the artist and Sean Kelly, owner of Sean Kelly Gallery (New York & Taipei). Abramović has pioneered performance as a visual art form and has used photography throughout her career to document her performances.