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Alec Von Bargen


Alec Von Bargen travelled to MSF organizations around the world and embarked on an 18-month borderless artistic journey. But just as the word “So.lil.o.quy” itself is divided up, Alec does not want the project to be a monologue, as it has nothing to do with who he is. It is the voice of people speaking aloud about their conflicts, trying to find solutions to their own problems, that to Alec is fundamental.

Alec’s photographic art captures aesthetic instances resonating true with their historical, political and social contexts to create a visual dialogue field. Exploring the potential meaning of realities, his work focuses directly on human nature, and bring people into rethinking history, society, inner selves and ultimate issues.  These seemingly simple portraits are full of exclamatory marks and question marks, as they are hints of humanity. The artist captures the moment of eyes and expressions, thus directs the emotions and inner monologues of the characters to the viewer. From these static frames, the viewer feel the smiles, cries and struggles of the characters in direct psychological dialogues.