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About Publisher

Aprilsnow Press is a small publishing house based in Daegu, Korea. Launched in 2013, it publishes a small number of books per year, mostly photobooks. Run by design writer Kay Jun and book designer Jeong Jaewan, Aprilsnow Press revolves around three keywords: photography, text, and design. Having a shared background in graphic design, both Kay Jun and Jeong Jaewan see publishing as part of their investigation of the relationship among photography, text, and design. Each book published by Aprilsnow Press is thus interpreted as a live platform for practicing the relationship among these three key features.

For inquiries contact Kay Jun, info.aprilsnow@gmail.com 

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Apartment Letters

About Author(s) 

Kay Jun is a design writer, lecturer, and publisher of Aprilsnow Press; based in Daegu, Korea. 

Kay Jun's main interest and research area include the history of modern Korean graphic design and the interaction among text, image (photography), and graphic design. Since 2012, she has been running a small-scale independent photobook publisher Aprilsnow Press with book designer Jeong Jaewan, where she has the role of the sole planner and editor. Fifteen titles have been planned and published so far and Photobook Design by Chung Byoungkyoo and Ways of Working by Richard Hollis and Stuart Bailey are under way for release at the end of 2020. Jun is the author of several books including World’s Art Directors 10 (2009), World’s Book Designers 10 (2016; co-authored by Jeong Jaewan). 


Jeong Jaewan is a book designer, professor at the Department of Visual Communication at Yeungnam University; based in Daegu, Korea. 

Jeong has been practicing as a book designer for more than 15 years. He started his career as a book designer at Chung Design—Korea’s first editorial design studio, which was founded in 1984. He then moved to Minumsa Publishing Group, and worked for its imprint Sciencebooks where his bold and simple typography for book design attracted attention. Currently, he is working as a freelance book designer, and teaches at the Department of Visual Communication of Yeungnam University. Since 2013, he has been the sole designer responsible for photobooks published by Aprilsnow Press. He is the author of Apartment Letters (2017) and World’s Book Designers 10 (2016; co-authored by Kay Jun).

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John Gall Collages 2008-2018

About Author(s) 

John Gall is a designer, artist, author, editor, and teacher. He is currently the Creative Director for Abrams Books. His design and illustration work for Vintage Books, Alfred A Knopf, The Criterion Collection, and The New York Times has been recognized by the AIGA, Art Directors Club, Print, Graphis, and American Illustration. Known for his design work for such authors as Haruki Murakami and Vladimir Nabokov, he is also an internationally exhibited artist and is featured in the books By Its Cover: Modern American Book Cover Design, Graphic: Inside the Sketchbooks of the World's Great Graphic Designers, and The Age of Collage: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art.

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Matt Dorfman is the Art Director of the New York Times Book Review.


About Author(s) 

Choi Yongjoon is a photographer based in Seoul, Korea.

Interested in topography, landmarks and urbanscape, Choi explores new perspectives on modern East Asian cities through photography. Recently, he uses tools such as Google Earth and 3D Maps to locate places; these places are then transferred to photography. Choi has taken part in exhibitions such as The Scrap and Poster Only, and collaborated with various magazines and designers. 


To Bury the Dog Properly

About Author(s) 

Minji Yi takes photos of things seen and unseen. Considering the difference between things she has seen and unseen (the so-called ‘sight-lag’), she occasionally writes text to accompany her photographs. Yi had her first solo exhibition Sight-Lag in 2018 at Hapjungjigu, Seoul and took part in various group shows such as Live Forever (Hite Collection, Seoul, 2019), Walking, Jumping, Speaking, Writing (SeMA Storage, Seoul Photo Festival, Seoul, 2018), The Scrap (Seoul, 2018, 2016) and Archive: International Singapore Photo Festival (DECK, 2016). Minji Yi self-published side_B (2015), Light Volume (2016) and Sight-Lag (2017).