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About Publisher 

Bromide Books is a young independent publishing company from Hong Kong.

Founded by a French long-time photography lover, Bromide Books opened its doors in 2016. Focused solely on photography, Bromide Books shows dedication to promoting the young, unknown, and emerging talents, while helping book lovers find printed archives from the rare and established photographers.

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Cupboard Memories

About Author(s) 

Xia Boqian was born in 1992 in Sichuan, China.

For Xia, photography is something meaningful—more than just printed pictures. They are also stories that have happened at particular moments, and visible pieces of one’s memory that will last and can be passed on to others.

Speaking about her work, Xia says: “As a photographer, I don’t like to put tags or descriptions to my works. Although I have my feelings to express through my photos, different people may have different understanding when they see the pictures. I would like to leave some space for people to think, to feel. From landscape photography to portraits and then back to landscape photography again, I thought through a lot and got deeper understandings, I will keep making projects on those two areas, but in a different way. I plan to make some documentaries in the future, about humanity and nature.


Off Season

About Author(s)

Fabien Fourcaud is a self-educated French photographer, born in 1979.

He spent his childhood on the French Riviera (Agen, south of France) and has been living and working in Paris since 2007. His approach has been influenced by his former responsibilities as Creative and Experience Designer in the field of 3D and Virtual Reality. Gilles Deleuze’s writings paved the way to his definition of a new concept of representation. In addition to the exhibition New Topographics, photographers such as Stephen Shore and the Bechers weighted significantly on his practice of photography. 

Fabien Fourcaud focuses on endlessly tracking breaking points as well as blurred areas within landscapes. He bears particular attention to non-places and likes to highlight the thin barrier between presence and absence. The way he treats his images, which are significantly desaturated, gives the feeling of a near-picture and questions the very fine line between real and virtual. | Instagram


About Author(s) 

Billy & Hells is the pseudonym of the creative duo formed by Berlin-based photographers Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger. The photographers met in the mid-1980s and shortly after, began collaborating creatively. Since 1995, the two have worked together under the name Billy and Hells. 

Their namesake expresses the same sense of edginess and mystery that their distinct images depict. Billy and Hells’ photographs exist in a world of in-betweens. Their deceptively simple, straightforward portraits convey a certain complexity. The archetypal characters depicted in their photographs—mothers, soldiers, cowboys, nurses, and teachers—possess an underlying sense of mystery, hinting at the duality of the sitter as well as the fictional world they inhabit. 

Although Billy and Hells’ images call upon historical and art historical references, their portraits are not burdened by the stipulations of historical recreations. Instead, seamlessly blending past and present, reality and fantasy, their photographs become a nostalgic diary, purposefully left open for interpretation. Their portraits combine elaborate, hand-painted backgrounds and draw inspiration from countless samples of fabrics, color compositions, and clothing that generate a distinct mood for each portrait. 

Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger live and work in Berlin. | Instagram

Sensuality, Tension, Hope, and Other Ingredients

About Author(s)

Wu Yuhang was born in 1994 in Chongqing, China.

Wu’s works usually start from the photographic medium. He manipulates and intervenes the negative through the perceptual potential of the bodyand extends the ontological language of photography in its subtle chemical reactions and deterioration process. The hallucination images produced in the “traumatic process” are treated as a form of meditation to heal the soul; Wu explores the spiritual power of art in its abstract fragmentation form. | Instagram

Specimen: Human Organs Under a Ruler

About Author(s) 

Born in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, Li (b. 1968) graduated from Beijing University with a major in Biology in 1989. He had worked in the medical field for 20 years before becoming a full-time artist in 2010.