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Carine Thévenau

About Artist

Carine Thévenau is a Mauritian/Australian photographer, currently based in Sydney, Australia. Thévenau's work is expressed through portraiture of the individual, but also broader portraits of place, space and time. 

Thévenau's portraiture is explored through the female gaze, as she seeks to reveal the internal landscapes of her subjects, whether it be an individual, an object or a place. Her portraits often document a domestic space, but also public spaces such as playgrounds and other urban spaces. Her practice considers the relationship between the natural world and the built environment. She understands this tension as exposing much about who we are, as a society. 
Thévenau's photography particularly celebrates the beauty of ageing materials, including materials marked with the residue of human interaction, as well as those affected by natural environmental decay. Thévenau champions these materials capabilities for reuse and repair, as their extended lifespan contributes to ecological sustainability.

Thévenau is passionate about the conservation of the natural environment and supports sustainable practices within the arts and beyond. She consistently experiments with ethical materials within her own visual arts practice and her most recent exhibitions have included the use of plant-based papers such as bamboo, rice and Japanese washi paper.
She has recently acquired a Master of Fine Art Degree (Major in Photomedia) from the University of New South Wales, Art and Design, and has exhibited in solo and group shows in Los Angeles, Berlin, Rotterdam, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. | Instagram | Email

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