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Cheng Xinhao

Cheng Xinhao, Mang Under the Blossom, 2018. Courtesy of Tabula Rasa Gallery (Beijing). 


Cheng Xinhao's project focuses on his core creative focus since 2013, which has revolved around to marginal gorup: the Mang People, an ethnic minory group living along China'd border with Vietnam; and the laborers at the Sanhe Labor Market, new migrants living int he Shenzhen Linghua Industrial disctrict.  By following and becoming involved in these gorup for long periods of time, and engaging in multiregional, mutlidiscplinary and multimedia artistic methods, the artistpresent and discusses and implicit thread contained within the ever expanding system of global captialism.  Cheng Xinhao was born in Yunnan(China) in 1985. He received his Ph.D. on Chemistry from Peking University in 2013. He is working as an artist inYunnan now. Focusing on his hometown Yunnan Province, Xinhao's works usually base on long-term field study. With videos, installations, photographs, article writing, and the presence of the author's body, these works investigate on the polyphonic relationships among logics, discusses, knowledges, and the different actors participated in, and nature/society/history behind them.