Chinese Photography Now | PHOTOFAIRS

© Chen Wei, Building, 2015. Courtesy of Leo Xu.

This year the fair's opening night benefited the photography program at SFMOMA, supporting an acquisition of works by three contemporary Chinese artists: South Ho Siu Nam (b.1984), Chen Xiaoyun (b.1971), and Chen Wei (b.1980). These photographs will enter the SFMOMA collection through the acquisition support of PHOTOFAIRS.

Clément Chéroux said: “The museum has a long tradition of collecting and exhibiting works that represent the range and diversity of non-Western photographic production. In addition to our deep concentrations of American and European photographs, we have developed strong holdings by Japanese, Mexican, and South African photographers. Currently, we are working to expand our collection of contemporary Chinese photography.

Chéroux continues: “PHOTOFAIRS also presents an annual fair in Shanghai. The fourth edition of that event, held in September 2017, highlighted the liveliness and creativity of China’s contemporary photography scene. From the many works featured there we selected twenty-eight pictures by three different Chinese artists: South Ho Siu Nam (b. 1984), Chen Wei (b. 1980) and Chen Xiaoyun (b. 1971). Those photographs, displayed here, will enter the SFMOMA collection through the generous acquisition support of PHOTOFAIRS.