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Conversations is a series of talks—online and onsite—between artists, curators, gallerists, and arts professionals that brings an in-depth dimension to the key themes and ideas shaping photography today.

In this edition of Conversations, three of our exhibitors from the PRESENTS: The Photo Book exhibition take us behind the scenes of their experiences as artists, designers, and bookmakers. This talk features Kay Jun, design writer, lecturer, and publisher of Aprilsnow Press; Yongjoon Choi, artist and author of Location; and Minji Yi, artist and author of To Bury the Dog Properly. Both titles are included in Aprilsnow Press’ presentation.

The video chapters below outline what you can expect to see. If you would like to see the running dialogue, turn on closed captioning by clicking on the “CC” button at the lower-right corner of the video.


1:33 - Yongjoon Choi discusses Location, how the concept came about, and how images were translated to page.

12:42 - Minji Yi presents To Bury the Dog Properly and the two photo series—Light Volume and Sight Lag—that make up the book.

22:31 - Kay Jun speaks about Aprilsnow Press’ approach to bookmaking and their methods to translate a body of work into book form and to bring an artist's vision to life.

35:38 - Minji Yi and Yongjoon Choi share their views on the photobook medium, and what about the book form that appeals to them as artists.

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The digital exhibition PRESENTS: The Photo Book explores the photobook as an art form and celebrates the vital role publishing has within contemporary art discourse.