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Darren Harvey - Regan, Metalepsis

© Darren Harvey, Regan, Metalepsis, 2013. Courtesy of The Ravestijn Gallery (Amsterdam)

Darren Harvey - Regan, Metalepsis.
Courtesy of The Ravestijn Gallery (Amsterdam)

Metalepsis is a new photographic installation by Darren Harvey-Regan. The work spans a range of processes, subject matters, and time frames whilst retaining a sense of
continuity through Harvey-Regan’s distinct visual and conceptual sensibility. Metalepsis - a rhetorical device where figurative language is taken through a succession of its meanings – is used by Harvey-Regan to explore themes around materiality and mass, surface, and form, history, religion and the absurd. While lucid, spontaneous and playful, the work is tempered by a kind of muted iconoclasm that never entirely accepts an image for what it is.