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Family Focused Programming

Still from Hallucinations © Lydia Greer

Specially for family day, the Connected program  adapted its video lineup to include a new video titled Hallucinations, a hand-made ten-minute animation by Lydia Greer. In addition to the regular programming, this video, inspired by puppet theater, classical opera and stop-motion animation, provides the audience with a visually brilliant, brightly colored and emotionally exuberant experience. Accompanied by elegant and ethereal operatic vocals, this magical piece will hold the attention and inspire the imagination of youth and parents alike. Hallucinations will repeat between other videos by the “Connected artists” providing a recurring element of excitement and joy while counterposing it with the conceptual and experimental videos of Channels of Democracy. This will add content specifically aimed at attracting and retaining families and youth while still providing cutting edge contemporary video art for collectors and aficionados.

Each year the fair creates an event specifically for children to engage deeper with photography. More than a Selfie was the 2018 event and involved a 2.5 hour photographic workshop for kids 8-16 years old. Participants photographed aspects of their identity using Fuji instant cameras.  They used the area in and around Fort Mason as their background and canvas for our self portraits. The workshop concluded with each participant making a hand-made accordion book to display their masterpieces.

The workshop was taught by Victoria Heilweil (MFA, California College of the Arts), assisted by Alana Rios (MFA candidate, San Jose State University).