FANG ZHENG | Time Space

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Time Space gallery is one of the few professional video art galleries in China. Founded in 2012 by young artist Jiang Yiming, the gallery's space is located in Songzhuang Art District Beijing, Zhengzhou Baihuidi Art District and Shengda Art Museum. 

The gallery creates an international exchange of photographic art by introducing Western classic photography and contemporary photographic art. The western photographic art exhibited at the gallery focuses on the classic images by the masters of the 20th century. Since its inception, the gallery has been active at photography art fairs in China and overseas and has represented the works of world-renowned photographers such as August Sander and Eva Rubinstein. | WeChat 



Heavily inspired by surrealist artist's interest in exploring psychology, Zheng Fang used her camera to express her subconscious, instincts and dreams with symbols and objects found in real life. With her background in dancing, Fang uses body language to create a series of abstract self-portraits that represent what's on her mind. The quote 'Resolve conflict between dream and reality to come to an absolute reality, a transcendent reality,' by co-founder, leader, principal theorist of surrealism Andre Breton was also an inspiration to the Fang.  


Zheng Fang started photographing at the end of 2015 and enjoys taking images of people or scenes with or about people. Taking photographs instinctively, Fang uses her camera to 'dig out things that I want in my heart, feelings that appeared in my dreams or when I couldn't get to sleep. When a picture flashes into my mind with no explanation or reason I will record that image by drawing it and take photographs after.'