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Insights | Imaging our Futures



How many imagined futures remain, consciously or unconsciously, in the present? How many things continue to affect us even though they are absent? How do the present and future, the immediate and distant intertwine in our everyday life?

Imaging our Futures features the works of twelve international artists and collectives from around the world who investigate topics closely related to the future of human life. These artists explore the possibilities to reshape image creation and imagine a future world that runs on algorithms and CGIs.

Digital imaging constructs a world that is difficult to replicate through analog photography; it narrates the passage of time in innovative ways. This exhibition invites the viewer to explore a future world constructed by each participating artist, and join them in contemplating the complex relationship between image and data, and the significance that extends from the intersection of digital and media ecologies. The display also reminds us to be cautious about the pitfalls images present to us when thinking about the future.

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