Li Binyuan


Known for his unorthodox and highly personal performances, Li Binyuan (Ren Space, Shanghai) interrupts, stimulates and challenges the constraints of modern urban life through multitudes of expressions in combination of video, performance, photographs, and sculptural works. Li Binyuan Solo Exhibition “Breaking Point” in September premieres his recent works exploring this specific moment in time where the artist captures the fleeting nature of what we often view as permanency. Using both himself and his greater surroundings, distance, time, boundaries, people, and the shapes of expression are sculpted and willed into various forms through particular actions of the artist. The work "Room" is his new work in 2019. In an empty abounded room, the artist creates a new space-time with a flame chain. His singular focus is on the point of time of no return when permanency dissipates along with uncertainty of unknown and of what is to come at a “Breaking Point.”