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Michael Najjar


BANK is honored to present Michael Najjar’s solo project in Photofair |Shanghai 2019 at September. Michael Najjar belongs to that vanguard of artists who take a complex critical look at the technological forces shaping and drastically transforming the early 21st century. Meanwhile, Michael Najjar’s debut show in China will be showcased in BANK. As a pioneer artist in the field, he fuses science, art, and technology into visions and utopias of future social orders emerging under the impact of cutting-edge technologies. The artwork will be on display is “Inginition”(2019), it visualizes a Soyuz launcher taking off from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana on 5th April 2019. Mission V22 delivered its payload of four communication satellites into orbit. The launch vehicle is 46 meters high and weighs 300 tonnes. The picture captures the rocket at the exact moment it leaves the launch pad. All four boosters are ignited before lift-off to reach full thrust. To capture this unique image, a sound-triggered camera was installed directly on top of the launch tower, a mere 80 meters from the rocket during its critical lift-off phase. No camera has ever been installed before at such close range on a launch pad of the Spaceport. The composition highlights the single interactive dynamic system formed by the launch pad, the support brackets and the rocket itself during the first seconds of ignition and lift-off. The support brackets have just opened to release the rocket, powerful flames illuminate the brackets while the smoke escaping through the flame trench envelops the white shining rocket. Although painted olive green, the rocket turns white during lift-off due to the reaction between liquid oxygen and rocket propellant which covers the vehicle in a layer of ice. The artwork gives a simultaneous contradictory impression of powerful acceleration and motionless standstill: the tremendous pressure, the intense heat and the ear-splitting sound wave are all tangible, yet the rocket itself seems to be frozen, suspended in time and space.