© POK CHI LAU, The Grandson of the Family Named Wang. Courtesy of the artist and MoHI

Yuezhong Museum of Historical Images (MoHI) is a private non-profit academic institution specialized in collecting, conserving, researching and exhibiting Chinese historical images. Mainly founded by Shenzhen Yuezhong Investment Holding Co., Ltd., our Museum values independence, self-reliance and neutrality as fundamental principles, searching worldwide the scattered and lost visual images of historical Chinese narratives. As a specialized academic institution, MoHI endeavors to construct a professional platform for display, collection and research. Since its preparatory period, the museum has organized a committee which guides the museum’s academic direction. Members of the committee include historians, documentary directors, photographers, curators, journalists and scholars of the humanities and social sciences. The honorary curators of the museum are Situ Zhaodun, senior professor of the Beijing Film Academy and John E. Easterbrook, former U.S. Army Colonel and the grandson of General Joseph Warren Stilwell. MoHI Hahnemühle will present art works by artists Hou Dengke and Pok Chi Lau at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai.