ARTIST TAKEOVER: Haoran Fan | Intuition Over Strategy | PHOTOFAIRS

ARTIST TAKEOVER: Haoran Fan | Intuition Over Strategy

Haoran Fan is an artist born in Yunnan, and now living and working in Shanghai. The artist captivated the audience of PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 2019 with a presentation of their work with BROWNIE Project (Shanghai). Fan’s work is mixed media, demonstrating BROWNIE Project’s commitment to represent experimental artists specializing in contemporary photography across the world. With a multidisciplinary academic background including sociology, advertising, marketing and graphic design, Fan’s art practice is rich in diversity and unique in its approach. He has exhibited across top global art destinations, including Miami, New York and Dali. Keep reading for this weeks #ArtistTakeover with Fan, where he has provided our PHOTOFAIRS audience with an exclusive insight into 3 carefully selected works...


© Haoran Fan

"I was born in Yunnan, China, and I live and work in Shanghai. I gained a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Wuhan University and a masters degree in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York. My photographs are, for the most part, a study of the ways I interact with landscape, or environment, and of the resulting intersections of the built and natural worlds. I am fascinated by touching and communicating with the space I live in peacefully and gently. Currently I also work as creative director in OUTPUT, a global creative platform dedicated to digital art and interdisciplinary practice.


© Haoran Fan, Open Cinema, Fire Island, New York, series In Between, 2015


This image (above) is from the series ‘In Between’, and was exhibited at this year’s PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai with BROWNIE Project. The conversation between the objectivity of nature and subjectivity of human behavior is the focus of my artistic practice. I photographed a series of landscape in black and white which include a variety of objects that demonstrate the nature of time to an extreme state, such as water, stones, trees, etc. I printed them out, felt the black and white images, and specifically colorized some areas that visually and emotionally connect me the most. These actions are made by instinct decisions rather than strategic thoughts. At the final step, I used threads and transparent materials to connect prints, in order to create a few theatrical spaces. The entire process is a try out to reconstruct the nature to a newly manipulated three-dimensional status.


© Haoran Fan, Untitled#01, series Displacement, 2016


This image (above) was created and numbered as the first piece of my photo series ‘Displacement ’created in year 2016. In Displacement, I was attempting to create a visual representation of memories and experiences occurred in many places I have lived in since I was a child. Working in black and white, with source photographs taken in a variety of locations at different times, I create what  I called the psychological landscapes. For me, black-and-white effaces characteristics of objects but maximizes the mood of the entire image, it represents my effort to concentrate all memories spanning around ten years. The finished images are dense and layered, with every part of the frame carrying multiple details. In several images, I placed a figure in the midst of these details. The figure represents me, and it is small and often hard to locate at the first glance. This is my way of indicating how the experiences that formed these memories became overwhelming.


© Haoran Fan, Untitled, 2017


The above image is going to be included in my next series that consistently discusses the motif of nature and  the intervene of human action. This was taken during my road trip to Death Valley, while I was on my way visiting a place called Zabriskie Point. This place was in a movie directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. I was fascinated by the ceremonial scene that I passed by,  a stone seat in front of a mountain, I see it as a perfect theater in the wild."


© Haoran Fan, Seabirds, Fire Island, New York.

Visit Haoran Fan's website here and BROWNIE Art Photo's website here.

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