ARTIST TAKEOVER: Sameer Tawde | Dialogues of an Introvert | PHOTOFAIRS

ARTIST TAKEOVER: Sameer Tawde | Dialogues of an Introvert

© Sameer Tawde, Holy Boulevard series, 2018. Courtesy of UP Gallery (Hsinchu City)

Welcome to this week's Artist Takeover with Indian artist, Sameer Tawde, who will be exhibiting his works for the first time in China at our Fair in September! Sameer is represented by UP Gallery 絕版影像館 (Hsinchu City), the first gallery in Taiwan dedicating their space solely to exhibiting photography and moving image works. Read ahead to learn more about Sameer’s intriguing thought-processes and structure behind his photography, from a first-person perspective...

© Sameer Tawde, Dialogues of an Introvert 05, 2017. Courtesy of UP Gallery (Hsinchu City)

Hi, I am Sameer Tawde, and I am excited to be taking part in an “Artist Takeover” for the Instagram platform of PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 2019. I will be sharing some images from my recent series “Dialogues of an Introvert” and “Holy Boulevard”. In these works, I create a fantasyland by using everyday objects and settings, where the space or the overall scenario is reflected in de-familiarized ways. I draw attention to the separation and sometimes alienation between the self and the outside world. My attempt is to suggest new ways of connecting human beings to their infrastructure and environment. 

© Sameer Tawde, Dialogues of an Introvert 12, 2017. Courtesy of UP Gallery (Hsinchu City)

(Above image) From the series ”Dialogues of an Introvert”. Song of the birds!! They congregate together to express themselves. I waited for this performance to happen and set up the mic during a particular time of the year and it really was a rewarding experience!


(Below image) A surreal thought of a fish above the ocean stimulates the scene of a unique wonderland. It was a bit difficult to implement this setting on the location; shooting a fish through a big fish tank, which was set up on the beach.

© Sameer Tawde, Dialogues of an Introvert 17, 2017. Courtesy of UP Gallery (Hsinchu City)

(Below image) Holy Boulevard, is a series of serene, quiet, peaceful constructions built on the ocean. They are pleasing to the eye and I wanted to create a dreamlike space while photographing this built environment in the ocean. However, these structures themselves are made out of a set of discarded packaging material, which are highly toxic and non-biodegradable and most of it ends up in landfills and also in the seas. Though I am creating the Utopia, I am also giving a satirical commentary on the utopia of our society. It reflects on the relationship we humans have with our environment.

© Sameer Tawde, Holy Boulevard. Courtesy of UP Gallery (Hsinchu City)

My heartfelt thanks to the team at PHOTOFAIRS and UP Gallery for giving me this wonderful opportunity to exhibit my works along with other talented artists from across the world!


To see Sameer's work amongst many other talented artists at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 2019, buy your tickets here.