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Behind the Scenes: Insights curator Yining He

Go behind the scenes to this year’s Insights exhibition and follow curator Yining He as she visits the Shanghai Exhibition Center and shares her thoughts on why this year’s Insights theme, Imaging our Futures, is so pertinent. While watching the video, if you would like to see the running dialogue in English, turn on closed captioning by clicking on the “CC” button at the lower-right corner of the video.

Presenting artists and collectives include Discipula (Italy), Fernando Montiel Klint (Artbaena, Mexico), Shun Li (China), Wendy McMurdo (UK), Milan F4 (China), Michael Najjar (BANK, China), Marcel Rickli (Switzerland), Slime Engine (Madeln Gallery, China), Clement Valla (bitforms Gallery, USA), Feiyu  Wang (China) and Wenxin Zhang (China). 

The exhibition covers a range of pertinent topics from journalism, advertising and consumerism to our relationship with nature and space exploration. The show aims to rethink the complex interactions between the digital and the visual while cautioning audiences about the inherent  trappings of these practices. Speaking about the exhibition, Yining He says: “Combining my research on new trends in contemporary  photography and a series of public programs, I aim to explore how photographers approach image creation in a world of algorithms and CGI in order to show our imagination of the future.” 

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Yining He

Yining He is a curator and writer of photography. Graduate of London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, in 2010, she began to work as an independent writer and curator specializing in photographic and visual art. Yining's curatorial projects have been shown in museums, galleries and other institutions in China and Europe. Her publications include “Photography in the British Classroom”, “The Port and the Image”, and “Abode of Anamnesis” among others. Her latest research attempts to discuss the creative practices of Chinese artists using image algorithms at the intersection of photography, media ecology and philosophy of technology.