BEHIND THE SCENES: Sameer Tawde | Up Gallery

An image from the set up of Sameer Tawde's Dialogues of an Introvert

Sameer Tawde is a visual artist currently based out of Mumbai. Practicing photography, video, sculpture and installation, his work has been exhibited in solo and group shows internationally. Represented by UP Gallery, his series Dialogues of an Introvert was the runner-up in the 2020 Exposure Award. 

Tawde’s work is currently for sale in PHOTOFAIRS PRESENTS: Exposure Award, discover more here. As well as being part of the online exhibition, Tawde’s series was printed and displayed at Modern Studio, Shanghai, earlier this September. Here he shares what goes on behind the scenes to create his distinctive imagery. 

'Right from the beginning of time to the present day, stories have traveled far beyond our imagination. From generation to generation and across all corners of the world, we humans are the carriers of stories. 

'Dialogues of an Introvert comments on current world affairs and politics relating to immigration, race, culture, identity, ethnicity and many other concerns in societies across the world. I hope that these pictures will encourage us to be introspective and nurture the common threads that we all share.  

'An elaborate and ambitious set up was required to create these photographs. It was like working on a cinema shoot, choosing the location and designing the sets, I had to think about all the elements needed for making each image.

'I was looking for a big water container to show it as an ocean in the final image and after some couple of idea exchanges, it was decided that a swimming pool would be the best option. 

'A boat was made to a certain scale considering the size of the pool, the miniature size glass bottles and the human heads. 

'Many glass bottles with these human heads and the scroll messages inside of them were all suspended from a fish wire in a grid suspended above the pool. I wanted to the bottles to look as if they were floating. 

'In addition, there was a big sky backdrop which was printed on a 12ft x 15ft sheet. The bottom part was immersed in the water to get a feeling or an illusion of a horizon. 

This entire setup took almost one and a half days with a team of five assistants. All of this production alludes to my philosophy and my work process of making sculptures, miniature sets and installations. It cements my thought process of creating the final imagined picture.' 

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