BEHIND THE SCENES: Sarah Irvin | Massey Klein | PHOTOFAIRS

BEHIND THE SCENES: Sarah Irvin | Massey Klein

Sarah Irvin's ongoing cyanotype series constitutes dozens of overlapping archives documenting and organizing objects used by her child. Each work (or archive) has categorical parameters dictating what is included, and any object could appear in multiple archives depending on the criteria. Irvin takes on the role of an archivist/artist/parent figure for her work. Here she sheds light on the process behind her practice for today's Behind the Scenes post. 


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Rinsing in Sink - This image shows the simplicity and flexibility of Irvin’s process: the cameraless photographic archives are printed using only the sun, treated paper, the objects, and water.








Cheese - While some pieces document a wide array of objects, some include only one object based on the specific categorical parameters used to create the archive. This particular archive shows the details that are alternatively lost and emphasized through the cyanotype process.









Small Square Playmags - The “Playmags” archive demonstrates the resonant forms that appear while other details such as color are converted to subtle variations of the cyanotype blue. A child’s plaything is converted into a modernist typology of geometric forms.








Polly Pocket - Individual archives -- which may be composed of a single object or a many different ones -- vary greatly in size, shape, and form. Depending on the conditions, similar objects appear as harsh outlines or soft, spectral shapes.








Excavation Tools - Even as “archivist,” the artist does not dictate the form or shape of the objects themselves; the parameters instated by the artist, however, make visible the emergent and otherwise formally unseen conceptual relationships between objects.