IN FOCUS: Karine Lisbonne, Founder Director, KLV Art Projects (Vienna) | PHOTOFAIRS

IN FOCUS: Karine Lisbonne, Founder Director, KLV Art Projects (Vienna)

PHOTOFAIRS is delighted to speak to Karine Lisbonne, Founder and Director of KLV Art Projects.

KLV Art Projects is an international gallery which focuses on black and white photography, representing contemporary women photographers, emerging and established artists, from Europe and Asia. The gallery organizes regular exhibitions at its main exhibition space in Vienna, shows its artists in cooperation with institutions and participates to fairs around the world including PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco and PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai. The gallery also curates external exhibitions and photobook publications.

At 2018’s fair, KLV Art Projects presented works by artists Loredana Nemes, Christine Turnauer, and Christine de Grancy.

The full interview can be found below.


 © Christine Turnauer, Ailanish (Hands), Kazakh nomad, Mongolia 2013. Courtesy of KLV Art Projects (Vienna)

Please describe your arts background?
I love to organise exhibitions as a curator. I started in the arts as a journalist for the French art newspaper Beaux-Arts Magazine, then as president and co-founder of “Talents Avenir” - a structure to promote young professional artists through corporate patronage and collections, with which I notably organised one of the first exhibitions of work by the contemporary artist Laurent Grasso, at Société Générale Paris. After having worked in art galleries in Paris, I co-authored “L’art avec pertes ou profit?” (Flammarion/Gallimard, 2009) with French art historian and gallerist Bernard Zürcher. I was also involved in the development of the HEC Contemporary Art Space, and have worked extensively on fostering cultural exchanges between China, France and Europe as well as supporting and organising photo exhibitions in Europe.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration as an art dealer?
The greatest inspiration for me in art dealing is probably that of Theo Van Gogh and how he introduced emerging contemporary artists and the French impressionists at the time.

What kind of works are you on the look-out for?
Contemporary art - notably from Europe and China, but also globally.

What were your highlights of this year’s PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai?
Three highlights. We presented the series “Greed” by Loredana Nemes, a Romanian photographer based in Berlin, which was simultaneously exhibited in a solo exhibition at the Berlin Museum for Modern Art. The series “China 1984-1986” from Christine de Grancy, and lastly the work of Christine Turnauer, which was shown in Arles at the Chapelle Sainte-Anne in the spring.

What do you hope to exhibit in coming year?    
I have just launched a new exhibition in Vienna with a European photographer and a Chinese photographer on the theme of China. I am planning to do more in that direction with contemporary Chinese photographers, as well as curate a number of exhibitions with museum institutions in France and China.