IN FOCUS: Lorenz Helbling, Founder & Director, ShanghART Gallery (Shanghai, Beijing & Singapore) | PHOTOFAIRS

IN FOCUS: Lorenz Helbling, Founder & Director, ShanghART Gallery (Shanghai, Beijing & Singapore)

This week we spoke to Lorenz Helbling, Founder & Director of major Asia Pacific dealership and supporter of PHOTOFAIRS, ShanghART Gallery.

Founded in 1996, ShanghART Gallery is one of the first contemporary art galleries established in China. For the past twenty years, the gallery has been devoted to the development of Chinese contemporary art and has also kept close and long-term cooperation with more than 60 artists. Nowadays, with spaces in Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore, ShanghART presents exhibitions and projects of high quality contemporary art.

At PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 2018, the gallery was involved in both the main fair and the Insights exhibition, which was part of the fair’s 5-part public program celebrating its 5th year anniversary. The gallery presented numerous artists in the Main section, including Birdhead, Chen Wei, Chen Xiaoyun, Hu Jieming, Jiang Pengyi, Liang Yue, Yang Fudong, Yang Zhenzhong and Zhao Renhui. Meanwhile the artworks of Chen Xiaoyun, Geng Jianyi, Hu Jieming, Liang Yue, Xiang Liqing, Yang Fudong and Yang Zhenzhong were showcased in the fair’s groundbreaking Insights exhibition The Same But Also Changed, curated by Victor Wang 王宗孚.

Read the full interview below.

Lorenz Helbling - Founder of ShanghART Gallery © Robert Bellamy


Please tell us more about your arts background (and how you became a gallerist)?

Studies of history, art history and Chinese, and then getting to Shanghai in the mid 1990‘s.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration as an art dealer?

Stephen McGuiness, a gallerist in Hong Kong in the 1990’s, and then the artists in Shanghai, their works and aspirations.

What kind of works are you on the look-out for?

I am always on the look-out for exceptional works of our time.

What was your highlight of this year’s PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai?

For me, it was the Insights exhibition, The Same But Also Changed.

What do you hope to exhibit in coming year?

No idea yet!