Interview with the photographers from KLV Art Projects (Vienna) | PHOTOFAIRS

Interview with the photographers from KLV Art Projects (Vienna)

KLV Art Projects is an international gallery based in Vienna, which focuses on black and white photography, they will present three female photographers at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, including; Loredana Nemes, who will present 'Greed' and 'Blossom'. These images will be on display for the first time, at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, as well as in a major solo show at the Berlin Museum for Modern Art and Photography (Berlinische Galerie), taking place at the same time. Christine de Grancy will present black and white photographs of Chinese people and street scenes from around the 80's This is also the first time the images have been shown. The work exhibited from Christine Turnauer, will be from the ‘Presence' series, these images have previously been on show at the prestigious Chapelle Sainte in Arles for a major solo exhibition.

We spoke to Christine Turnauer, Christine de Grancy and Loredana Nemes, prior to them exhibitng with KLV Art Projects at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, this coming September.

It is the first time you have exhibited in China - what impressions do you hope to inspire in visitors who see your work?

Christine Turnauer (CT): My aspiration is always to give content a form
Loredana Nemes (LN): I always ask myself what could be the new possibilities to look at the world through photography, what new aspect I can show. I hope this may be an inspiration for people seeing my work.
Christine de Grancy (CG): It will be my first exhibition in China and my first exhibition at all of this series entitled China 1984-1987. They will be shown afterwards for the first time in Europe at KLV Art Projects in Vienna in the fall. I hope to inspire people to look at these photos as encounters with the past. They were our grandfathers so to say and these photographs show the way they lived, they tell a story.


© CHRISTINE TURNAUER, Ailanish (Hands), Kazakh nomad, Mongolia, 2013. Courtesy of KLV Art Projects (Vienna)

Tell us more about the works/series you will display at this year's fair?

CT: In the works I will exhibit the portraits show different people from very different part of the world who have in common their age, their authenticity, and the fact they aged with dignity.
LN: Two series will be shown at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai: The Greed and Blossom. Both are currently on show for a solo exhibition at the Berlin Museum for Modern Art and Photography in Germany until mid October. With Greed, photography allowed me to show what cannot be seen with one’s own eyes and to turn it into a photographic sculpture. I see the beauty in this seagulls but also the polarity, the energy of their greed for food. With Blossom, through the portrait of a tree, it is about life and death, the profound beauty of blossoming and, at the same time, of time passing by.

© CHRISTINE de GRANCY, China Shanghai, 1984. Courtesy of KLV Art Projects (Vienna)

What inspired you to create these works? 

LN: There is always a strong visual impulse at the beginning and the energy that rises up whilst working. I try to do something new through photography.
CG: I was invited to China by the Austrian-Chinese society and travelled there a few times between 1984 and 1987. These photographs are early works, which express what photography means to me: the encounter and the vis-à-vis with people. This is the most inspiring of all for me.

Why is it important that this work is shown at a fair such as PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai? 

CT: The series shown at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai is entitled “Presence” and was exhibited for a solo exhibition at the Chapelle Sainte-Anne in co-production with the City of Arles, South of France, in the spring. They are black and white photographs and portraits. What I seek to show is the common thread of being human, the diversity of mankind and at the same time, what brings us together. This is why I am very pleased that they are shown in China and specifically for this edition of Photofairs Shanghaï.
LN: I am very pleased to open to the Chinese culture and see how my abstract works are received on the Chinese market.
CG: I was invited to travel to China back in the 1980s and now by KLV Art Projects to show this work for the very first time. I am very pleased this first show is happening in China at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai.


© LOREDANA NEMES, The Greed #06, 2014. Courtesy of KLV Art Projects (Vienna)

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