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Interview with Taka Ishii Gallery (Tokyo & New York)

Taka Ishii Gallery opened in 1994 with an exhibition program devoted to exploring the conceptual foundations and implications of contemporary (photo)graphic practice. We spoke with the Gallery ahead of them exhibiting with us at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai in September.

© NOBUYOSHI ARAKI, Saint Laurent Shiki-in (Color Lust), 2017. Courtesy of SAINT LAURENT and Taka Ishii Gallery (Tokyo, New York)


Why did you decide to join PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, and continue your participation?
We continue to participate in this art fair most importantly because it is an international fair in Asia that specifies in photographs.

Why, for you, is it important to have a photography dedicated fair in China?
I think in Asia, the market for photographs is not fully established yet and I feel there is a big possibility for this market.

The gallery has presented a range of Japanese artists at previous editions of PHOTOFAIRS. What has been the appetite for this work by the Chinese audience?
There are avant-garde photographers in Japan whose approaches are totally different from the ones in China. I noticed that the collectors in China found these Japanese photographers very attractive.

© NOBUYOSHI ARAKI, Saint Laurent Shiki-in (Color Lust), 2017. Courtesy of SAINT LAURENT and Taka Ishii Gallery (Tokyo, New York)

Since the Fair launched in 2014, the market for photography in China has greatly developed. What do you see as the key developments in the market over this time?
It is a fact that the market has developed more than ever but I also feel there is a bigger possibility for it.

Looking forward, what changes do you anticipate in the Chinese art photography market for the next 5 years and what should PHOTOFAIRS aim to achieve in Shanghai?
That the medium of photography deepens the relation to the art history will also happen in China, I believe. I hope PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai goes beyond Asia and be an international art fair that international collectors from all over the world come for.

Taka Ishii Gallery