Maroesjka Lavigne from Robert Mann Gallery speaks to PHOTOFAIRS | PHOTOFAIRS

Maroesjka Lavigne from Robert Mann Gallery speaks to PHOTOFAIRS

© Maroesjka Lavigne, Shadowmountains, 2017. Courtesy of Robert Mann Gallery (New York)

PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco is excited to announce Robert Mann Gallery will be taking part in this years fair, the gallery represents 20th century masters and an international cadre of emerging and mid-career artists working in photo-based art

The cutting edge contemporary art fair dedicated to the photographic medium returns to Fort Mason Center in San Francisco from Thursday, February 22nd - Sunday, February 25, 2018. The fair's international focus and boutique curation create an excellent environment to discover and collect innovative works of art, for more infomation and to purchase your tickets click here.

Hi Maroesjka, Can you tell us a bit about how you first got into photography?
I studied Audio-visual Arts in Secondary School but it only hit me how interesting photography was when I started studying Photography in High school (school of arts, Ghent- Belgium). When I saw how many different paths you could choose in photography and how you can really tell your story, something that otherwise perhaps would be inexplicable. I got very interested. Photography as an art medium is lovely. You can do it everywhere and whenever. It’s the perfect reason to travel, to look around and enrich your life. It’s perfect for curious people, I think.

What drew you to Namibia for your series ‘Land of Nothingness’?
After my first project about Iceland I did some projects in collaboration with cultural institutions but it was always a specific subject. With Land of Nothingness I longed to go somewhere far away on my own again. In some cases I prefer not to research too much and to just get overwhelmed. I think this happened to me in Iceland and in Namibia. Also I wanted to do something with Animals that was perhaps different from other Animal Photographers since for me it was as important to show the landscape and how it intertwines with the environment.

Can you tell us where you find inspiration for your images?
At the moment I’m very interested in painting, more specifically modernist painting. How you can get a very powerful image with the very basic of forms and colour. It seems to be the essence of images. I’m striving to get more to an essence in my pictures too.

What excites you about exhibiting in San Francisco?
I love San Francisco. I travelled there by myself about 3 years ago. It was a place where I instantly thought ‘ I could live here’. The lively atmosphere gives you energy and the surrounding nature is just a dream.

What are you currently working on?
I’m working on a project that focuses on colour and nature. In a way it has always been two very prominent elements in my work but this time I really wanted to focus on it and, as in modernist painting, get to the essence of it.