Our latest digital exhibition is live | PHOTOFAIRS

Our latest digital exhibition is live


PHOTOFAIRS PRESENTS: Exposure Award is now live until October 9. View the exhibition here

An initiative launched in 2019, the Exposure Award grants one photographer pushing the boundaries of photography and their respective gallery a complimentary solo exhibition at the Shanghai fair. Sensitive to the challenges and uncertainty faced by the artist community this year, PHOTOFAIRS decided to continue with the Exposure Award for 2020 despite having to cancel this year’s fair. 

Seeing the dramatic cultural, economic and political shifts the world has faced this year, PHOTOFAIRS was responsive to this time also being a period of change and that it might have opened up creative possibilities for artists to think about their practice differently. Deciding to give exposure to the winner, runner-up and shortlist, PHOTOFAIRS took the Exposure Award online. 

Fantasie Impromptu 15, 2018, Inkjet Print on Ilford Prestige Washi Torinoko, 110 x 110 cm, Edition of 12. PRICE | 20,000 RMB

Showcasing nine of the world’s most innovative emerging photo-based artists, all works are for sale in the digital exhibition. Connecting collectors with artists in new and exciting ways, the shift towards online displays, fairs and festivals has made purchasing art more transparent and informative for buyers. Championing this new, digital first, approach in PHOTOFAIRS PRESENTS: Exposure Award, viewers will find edition, print and pricing details displayed in each caption. With clearly defined sections on the artist and their series, if you wish to enquire about a specific artwork, the gallery’s point of contact is found in The Gallery section.  

A Guidebook of Image Reading, Page Three, 2019, Giclee Print, mounted on aluminum plate, red string, 50 x 50cm Edition of 6. PRICE | 1,000 USD

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Applications were judged on the innovative nature of the artist’s technique and concept. Proposals were reviewed by four leading figures in the photography industry. This year’s jury was Gwen Lee, Co-founder + Director, Singapore Photography Festival & Director, DECK, Singapore; Lu Ni, Executive Director, Xie Zilong Photography Museum (XPM) & Secretary General, Alliance of Chinese Photography Museums; Cao Dan, President of MODERN ART & Publisher of The Art Newspaper China & LEAP and Sunyoung Kim, curator of The Museum of Photography, Seoul, South Korea.

We asked judge Sunyoung Kim to give her insights to this year’s applications. Here her thoughts by viewing the video.