UNDER REVIEW: Noémie Goudal

We take a look at the new book Soulvements released by 2019 Exposure Award recipient Noémie Goudal, who is represented by Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire.

Applications for this year's Exposure Award is now open! 

A lot of the work created by French artist Noémie Goudal really has to be seen in exhibition; large in scale and innovative in its approach, the presentation of her artworks is so central to her current practice. This is particularly the case with her intriguing series Soulevements, where some of the artworks are displayed in large wooden frames. So when the gallery space is taken away, how does her imagery translate into book form? 

As we see in this intelligent, well constructed and beautifully produced book, Goudal’s practice takes a complementary – and just as exciting – path to expressing her vision through book form. The foiled paperback imitates the mirrors that are so central to this long-term project’s process (Goudal constructs around 30 mirrors at each landscape site she photographs). The playful layout and image sizing highlights the artist’s understanding of the medium and how far one can push its limitations. The large scale project stems from the artist’s interest in reinventing scientific interpretations about the formation of the earth and looking at these theories through an artistic perspective. 

A booklet accompanies the title, with an insightful essay from Emma Lewis, Assistant Curator at Tate Modern. Beautiful historical scientific illustrations – key sources of interest for Goudal while she was creating this body of work – are reproduced here. Revealing images highlighting how Goudal creates her ‘collages of nature’ – the artist installs 30 mirrors within the landscape – are also welcomed in this delightful booklet.    

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Noémie Goudal
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Paperback, €30
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