Porsche 2021 Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit | PHOTOFAIRS

Porsche 2021 Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit

© Chen Xiao - On November 2, 2015, the domestic aircraft C919 officially rolled out from the general assembly plant in Pudong, Shanghai, 2015 - courtesy of the artist


Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit, celebrates the dynamic spirit of Shanghai – China’s gateway to the world. Featuring images from the photobook Shanghai: A History in Photographs, 1840 to Today (by Liu Heung Shing and Karen Smith, 2010), the exhibition presents a great diversity of photographic viewpoints of life in the buzzing metropolis, from the humble to the elegant, from the intimacy of the lilongs, to the grandeur of its public facades. A new series of images, including a brand new commission of photographs by Liu Heung Shing, bring this portrait of a city up-to-date.

The exhibition marks Porsche’s 20th anniversary in China and is curated by Liu Heung Shing, Founder and Director of Shanghai Center of Photography and Karen Smith Artistic Director of Shanghai Centre of Photography and Director of OCAT Xi'an.

Image captions and credits (in order of appearance)

© Zheng Zhiyuan, The Bund, Shanghai, 2008 - courtesy of the artist 

© Zhou Haiying Photographer Zhou Haiying (sitting in the tree wearing glasses) joins with his stylish entourage of friends for a group portrait. The elegant qipaos, and Oxford Brogues are the height of Shanghai style during this era. Immediately below Zhou, is his wife Ma Xinyun, flanked by neighbours and friends, 1947 - courtesy of the artist

© Liu Heung Shing, Shanghai model Yao Shuyi strikes a pose a Dior dress in the middle of a busy street. She quickly attracts a crowd of curious onlookers, 1996 - courtesy of the artist

© Xu Xin, Night of The Metropolis, 2019 - courtesy of the artist 

© Lu Jie, On the spring of 1981, there are a group of young people was taking photos by the lake in park. At that time, they got used to clothes made of chemical fiber rather than the aquamarine Chinese tunic suit made of dacron. Knitwear in colors became popular, 1981 - courtesy of the artist 

© Zheng Zhiyuan, Wuning Road, Shanghai, 2009 - courtesy Zheng Zhiyuan