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© Rafael Kroetz, Turbine of the Porsche 919 Hybrid. Courtesy of the artist and Porsche

Porsche "The Extreme" presents the ultimate photographic art of one-half second freeze. At the same time, Porsche will present the classic work "Kinderzimmerhelden" co-written by Christian Blanck, a famous German writer and photographer, and the Porsche museum, which will lead the visitors to a time-travel car tour by means of careful design and creative expression. The exhibition will also show people and cars, light and shadow in the lens of the photographic artist Oliver Kröning, showing the ultimate sports car in the eyes. Porsche will also invite young Chinese artist wu ding to exhibit his work exploring the hidden inner order of things and the "acceleration" of the modular world. And Ma Haijiao, a candidate from Porsche's first "annual selection of young Chinese artists", will exhibit his series of works "Before Yesterday". At the same time, the "talent" exhibition area will feature innovative works taken by China's newest media photographers at the Porsche driving experience center in Shanghai. These abstract or conceptual works interpret and deconstruct the Porsche in the audience in various forms.




© Rene Staud

As the presenting partner of PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, Porsche featured TIMELESS 70 YEARS exhibition at the fair.

A series of works exhibited for the first time is worth looking forward to, including works by the Ferri Porsche family, and a series of works by Florian W. Mueller in Shanghai. Visitors can also watch video art at the TIMELESS ROOM in the theme film festival.

2018 Porsche exhibition brought together a number of world-class photography artists, including Rene Staud, Florian W. Mueller and other internationally renowned photographers. Rene Staud has worked on Porsche's many models and has maintained a top-level in the 35 years of his creation. The Magicflash technology he developed has a 3D effect through a unique lighting system, which is why it is known as Master of the Flash. Florian W. Mueller is known for his combination of reality and abstract expression techniques. His works often express abstract imaginary spaces, memories and reality, images and actual structures, and embody artistic aesthetics in conflict.




© IRENE KUNG, LATE NIGHT STRANGER, TIMELESS MACHINE, 2018. Courtesy of the artist and Porsche

Vision has always been synonymous with Porsche, as we strive to turn dreams into reality. Through a photographic lens, at PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai 2019 Porsche presents “Dream · Vision”, where we focus on the four statements that have made Porsche the brand it is today: Icon, Design, Passion and Vision. This year, we highlight its timeless vision, through the lenses of many world-renowned photographers from different angles, that tribute to the past and tomorrow.

In our people and our fans, you see the passion, dedication and enthusiasm behind everything Porsche strives for. Consistently throughout the brand’s history, an overlap between iconic figures and Porsche sports cars has always been connected.

In our cars, across the generations, you witness the timeless machines, the revolutionary design and the groundbreaking innovation that distinguishes Porsche from every other brand.

This year, we curated a diverse collection of photographic artists known for the distinct, individual approach to their works that truly sees Porsche through their eyes and passion, including Irene Kung, Anton Corbijn, Maxime Guyon, James Dawe and many others. Through their lenses, Porsche is seen from different, often unexpected, angles for you to discover and experience. Landscape masterpiece from Irene, bold personal 911 work from Anton and inspiring collage artwork from James Dawe that go beyond the flat surface of photography.




©The first-generation Panamera topped the Shanghai World Financial Center. Courtesy of Porsche

In the past years, Porsche, as our Presenting Partner, has brought plenty of artworks by established photographers whose works reveal the everlasting beauty of Porsche, while bringing a universal visual power to the wider photography community in China and the Asia Pacific region.

This year, Porsche invited the Founder of SCoP, the photographer Liu Heung Shing, and Karen Smith, the Artistic Director of SCoP, to present the exhibition “Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit” which offers a portrait of the city through the works of 32 international and local photographers including Liu Heung Shing, Lu Yuanmin, Zhou Haiying, Yin Fukang, Zheng Zhiyuan, Andreas Gursky, Harry Gruyaert, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Dave Tacon, etc, that tracks the social milieu, as well as the changing urban landscape through recent decades.

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