Porsche | Presenting Partner | PHOTOFAIRS

Porsche | Presenting Partner

As the presenting partner of PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, Porsche featured TIMELESS 70 YEARS exhibition at the fair.


 Porsche TIMELESS 70 YEARS Exhibition



A series of works exhibited for the first time are worth looking forward to, including works by the Ferri Porsche family, and a series of works by Florian W. Mueller in Shanghai. Visitors can also watch video art at the TIMESLESS ROOM in the theme film festival.

2018 Porsche exhibition briought together a number of world-class photography artists, including Rene Staud, Florian W. Mueller and other internationally renowned photographers. Rene Staud has worked on Porsche's many models and has maintained a top level in the 35 years of his creation. The Magicflash technology he developed has a 3D effect through a unique lighting system, which is why it is known as Master of the Flash. Florian W. Mueller is known for his combination of reality and abstract expression techniques. His works often express abstract imaginary spaces, memories and reality, images and actual structures, and embody artistic aesthetics in conflict.