200 Views of Mount Fuji

200 Views of Mount Fuji

Artist: Hiroshi Masuko

Publisher: Bromide Books

HKD 289

– Photographs : Hiroshi Masuko
– Edited by Hiroshi Masuko

– Book Size: 190 × 270 mm
– Pages: 224 pages
– Binding: Hardcover
– Paper : Yingan Superwhite Art, 175g
– Print : Full offset
– Limited Edition: 500

The third part of the Japanese trilogy published by Bromide Books.

After Whisper of the Snow (Juri Ishiwata, 2020) and Once in a Corner (Kazuyuki Yamada, 2021), Bromide Books ends its Japanese trilogy based on the three components of the ikebana arrangements (Earth – Human – Heaven & God) with the publication of 200 Views of Mount Fuji. The book displays views of the everyday life with the benevolent appearance of the Mount Fuji as a comforting parent.

The Mount Fuji as been a present in Japanese folklore since the 10th century, and has always been an inspiration in all forms of culture in Japan.

The book is an hommage to the woodblock printing masters of the Edo era and offers a contemporary look at the modern Japan where photographers take the place of painters, cars the place of horses, tourists the place of pilgrims and drone the place of kites.

About Hiroshi Masuko

Hiroshi Masuko is a Tokyo-based photographer born in Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan in 1980. He started regularly photographing Mt Fuji on film in 2017. His artwork is gaining worldwide interest and appreciation since then.

About Bromide Books

Bromide Books is a young independent publishing company from Hong Kong. Founded by a French long-time photography lover, Bromide Books opened its doors in 2016. Only focused on photography, Bromide Books shows dedication to promoting the young, unknown and emerging talents, while helping book lovers find printed archives from the rare and established photographers. Bromide Books’ selection of artists is not limited by national borders, race, gender, age, etc. They have published photographers from China, Finland, France and Germany, and they will cooperate with photographers from more countries and regions in the future.

More information: bromidebooks.com