The Landscape

The Landscape

Artist: Chen Zhuo

Publisher: Jiazazhi

RMB 248

– Book Size: 260 × 240 mm
– Pages: 72 pages, 61 color photos
– Binding: Paperback
– ISBN: 978-7-5514-2535-3

“I was born and raised in a small town in Henan Province, China. I left the town to study and live in the city at the age of fifteen, and until now I found it very difficult to integrate in the city. I always think that there is a distance from the city. When I face the city, I feel timid and unfamiliar. However, our era is destined to bring young people like me to the city. These photos were taken from 2011 to 2017 on an occasional journey away from the city. I started to become obsessed with the glimpse of the occasional surpassing reality of these realities. These hidden corners of the landscape became my focus. I believe I psychologically have some kind of energy projected onto the scenery in these corners, that is why I can see and be attracted. The sense of distance between the eye and the interception of the picture, just as it between the bizarre real world and me.”

— Chen Zhuo

About Chen Zhuo

Chen Zhuo, 1987 born in Henan, China. He now lives in Zhengzhou. He has been working on a project regarding landscape and the changes and interaction between human beings and the nature since 2011. What concerns he the most has always been the landscape, from the impact (in a good or bad way) of human activities on the nature to the power of the nature itself in his latest series. Similarly, through the creation of natural propositions, the artist’s self-individual alienation is explored.

About Jiazazhi

Jiazazhi, founded in Beijing in 2009 and moved to Ningbo in 2014, is an art book institution focusing on images as a creative medium, dedicated to the presentation of image works on paper. Its practices include magazines, art books, bookstore, library, exhibitions, book fairs. In 2021, Jiazazhi created Space Special edition Project (SeP). This space is fully supported by Jiazazhi and operated by an independent team. With a special perspective and action, and together with young curators and artists who are active in the contemporary art, SeP aims to express a special voice through exhibitions and other ways.