Artist: Takamoto Yamauchi

Publisher: Case Publishing

JPY 4,620

– Book Size: 297 × 210 mm
– Pages: 144 pages
– Binding: Softcover
– Publication Year: 2020
– Limited Edition: 600
– ISBN: 978-4-908526-33-6

Takamoto Yamauchi’s latest book Vortex was created during several journeys within Japan and overseas and is a dark trip into the depths of the human psyche. Selected from over 30,000 photographs, Yamauchi’s Vortex slowly came into being during the author’s year-long correspondence with Daido Moriyama. The result is a dizzying book that transcends genres and engages in metaphors and narrative subtlety to explore Yamauchi’s interests in the black parts of the human psyche.

About Takamoto Yamauchi

Takamoto Yamauchi was born in Osaka, Japan in 1972. He focused on person’s unconscious world in in-depth psychology. In 2014 he started to take photographs again in Tokyo. He traveled and photographed in Tokyo, Osaka, Italy, Denmark and Korea.

About Case Publishing

Founded in 2015 with a focus on photography and contemporary art, Case Publishing made it its mission to expand the art book into a platform for an even richer variety of art forms. Together with Japanese galleries and international artists, Case Publishing elevates art books into a new mode of expression by utilizing the individual strengths of books both as a medium and as objects. In September 2017, Case Publishing opened exhibition spaces in Tokyo and Rotterdam which serve as places of cultural exchange for local communities.

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