Whisper of the Snow

Whisper of the Snow

Artist: Juri Ishiwata

Publisher: Bromide Books

HKD 289

– Photographs : Juri Ishiwata
– Edited by Juri Ishiwata
– Essay Author : Lena Fritsch
– Translation: Yuka Katagiri
– Book Size: 200 × 280 mm
– Pages: 112 pages
– Binding: Hardcover, dustcover and obi
– Paper : Yingan Superwhite Art, 175g
– Print : Full offset duotone
– Limited Edition: 300
– ISBN : 978-988-77600-9-2

The Hokkaido resident Japanese photographer Juri Ishiwata depict a cold and desert surrounding, where only ravens and few other animals dare to show up. The images’ appearance borrow undoubtedly something to the legacy of the golden age of Japanese photography but the story differs as the dark journey in Hokkaido, the northern Island of Japan, starts with a feeling of despair and isolation but after a giant storm leaves place to a winter sun, maybe as a message of hope or a kind farewell to the typical black and white style of the masters. In Whisper of the Snow the nature is the main character, and reminds us its immensity as a conveyor of emotions.

An essay Silence in Hokkaido by the Doctors in Art Lena Fritsch, specialist in Japanese photography and curator at Ashmolean Museum of Oxford, is set as an introduction for the book, in English and Japanese.

About Juri Ishiwata

Juri Ishiwata was born in 1978 in Japan. After she moved to Hokkaido, she started living a self-sustainable life, while taking photographs of her surroundings every season.

About Bromide Books

Bromide Books is a young independent publishing company from Hong Kong. Founded by a French long-time photography lover, Bromide Books opened its doors in 2016. Only focused on photography, Bromide Books shows dedication to promoting the young, unknown and emerging talents, while helping book lovers find printed archives from the rare and established photographers. Bromide Books’ selection of artists is not limited by national borders, race, gender, age, etc. They have published photographers from China, Finland, France and Germany, and they will cooperate with photographers from more countries and regions in the future.

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