White Hole

White Hole

Artist: MouHoo

Publisher: Jiazazhi

RMB 200

– Book Size: 182 × 256 mm
– Binding: Hardcover, fold-over page
– Paper: Swedish Art Paper
– Print: Screen Printing (cover), HUV Printing (inner page)
– Publication Year: 2021
– ISBN: 9781913620172

“I stumbled upon a seed in a canyon in the northeast of Beijing. It jumped out from the crisscrossing vines, the seed pods are two arcs touching each other like a parenthesis ( ) and it hangs high on the branch like an eye looking at me. There is a moment, I can even feel our eyes meet. In that dusk of the late autumn sunset, I decided to devote a long time to experience the world within the ( ). It is a secret visit with respect. I did not inquire any information of the seed, I would rather show the enigma of it with my photography.”

— MouHoo

About MouHoo

Mouhoo (Hu Zhewei) was born in ShanXi Datong, now works and lives in Beijing. Her works were participated in LIANZHOU FOTO 2010 and Get It Louder 2012, etc. She applied various media to sense the aura surround the objects, excavate the power of the object and the form, and chasing the mysterious connection of the individual and the external world.

About Jiazazhi

Jiazazhi, founded in Beijing in 2009 and moved to Ningbo in 2014, is an art book institution focusing on images as a creative medium, dedicated to the presentation of image works on paper. Its practices include magazines, art books, bookstore, library, exhibitions, book fairs. In 2021, Jiazazhi created Space Special edition Project (SeP). This space is fully supported by Jiazazhi and operated by an independent team. With a special perspective and action, and together with young curators and artists who are active in the contemporary art, SeP aims to express a special voice through exhibitions and other ways.

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