Features cutting-edge presentations of modern and contemporary photography presented by leading international galleries. Galleries are welcome to submit solo or group artist presentations by leading international or emerging artists. 

The rate per sqm is 500USD* with stand options of 25 to 60sqm. 

Currency Per sqm
Euro 470
GBP 400
HKD 3880
USD 500

*Note: These rates are correct at the time of publication.


Spotlights international galleries who have never exhibited in the USA before. This sector celebrates the international ethos of PHOTOFAIRS. Galleries are welcome to apply with solo or dual artist presentations. 

Platform offers a standardized rate of 8,000USD for 25sqm. 

Booth Package

All standard booths in Main and Platform contain:

  • Standard walling and lighting package (30% of the linear running length of wall)
  • Furniture package (x2 chairs, x1 table, x1 rubbish bin)
  • Standard hall flooring
  • Stand signage / Name board
  • Listing on online catalogue
  • Listing on PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai website
  • Wifi
  • Exhibitor and worker passes
  • VIP Cards and Preview tickets to VIP Opening
  • Power socket 

Additional Submission Notes:

  1. A standard booth for galleries is a minimum of 25-27sqm.
  2. You will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your submission within 72 hours.
  3. All invoices will be sent in USD Dollars.
  4. Please note that booth sizes may vary slightly according to the fair layout. Any variation shall not be more or less than 10%.
  5. Please note that no administration fees apply.


The PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco Application Form is available to download here.  For all submission inquiries please contact: applications@worldphoto.org