Connected | PHOTOFAIRS

© KATE GILMORE,  Built to Burst, 2011. Courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery (San Francisco)


The Connected initiative is a platform dedicated to an important and current theme within the realm of video art. The first edition of Connected was curated by Justin Hoover and entitled The Channel of Democracy: Womanhood, Power & Freedom in Video Art.

We aim to provide an opportunity to showcase the breadth of visionary talent currently at the helm of contemporary video and new media art. PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco presented an approximately one-and-a-half-hour loop of video artworks in a black box screening room that played continuously throughout the period of the fair, with curated additions on Sunday, February 26th to augment specific content for the family and youth focused day.

The Channel of Democracy: Womanhood, Power & Freedom in Video Art served to exemplify video art as a medium which enables socially meaningful work and encourages greater equality in terms of representation and self-expression. Sixteen female and queer (non-cisgender binary) artists take on challenging social and representational issues in ways that not only are aesthetically powerful but politically meaningful. Featured artists included: Shiva Ahmadi, Zeina Barakeh, Monet Clark, Sophie Clements, Zen Cohen, Nanda D'Agostino, Kate Gilmore, Lydia Greer, Allison Leigh Holt, Kadet Kuhne, Pixie Liao, Klea McKenna, Liz Miller, Tiffany Trenda, and Merav Tzur.

"Today, with an expanded range of available technology and a wider definition of what is art, artists are finding more avenues for their voices to ring out. The curated video selection The Channel of Democracy : Womanhood, Power & Freedom in Video Art focuses on female video and new media artists exploring issues of power, equality and representation. We are excited to be able to present a curated group of strong, local, San Francisco-based and internationally-based female and queer artists who defy the norms and seek to express a new sense of self, culture and community through video and media art."