© MATT LIPPS, Act IV (silver), 2016 Courtesy of Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco)

Insights | The Poetry of Silence 


Curatorial statement  

The exhibition "The Poetry of Silence" will focus on photography’s capacity to capture the essence of the everyday through enigmatic and mesmerising still-lifes, seascapes, landscapes and portraits. 

The exhibition aims to place a spotlight on the soulfulness and integrity that emanates from an artist’s intention to get close to their subjects in order to delve deep into the meaning of things; moving beyond the merely descriptive into the emotional, psychological and spiritual realms. 

Overall, the show will attempt to put a finger on those kinds of images which calm the mind: works which are especially powerful at being quiet, elegant and graceful. The theme for this years exhibition was commissioned by Alexander Montague-Sparey, curator of Insights and the artistic director of PHOTOFAIRS.

Artists in this show include: Tammy Rae Carland, Klea McKenna, Matthew Lipps, Viviane Sassen, Erica Deeman & Eva Schlegel.

A full list of artists will be released January 15, 2018.