© TAMMY RAE CARLAND, Smoke screen, 2013. Courtesy of Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco)

2017 Staged Program

Staged explores the relationship between photography and other art forms such as installation art, sculpture, video and painting.  This curated initiative spotlights artists of particular relevance within the contemporary photography arena in the form of chapters placed throughout the fair space.

Pace Art+Technology,  Palo Alto

Following the premier earlier this year as part of its Random InternationalOn The Body exhibition, Pace Palo Alto will present one of the London-based collective’s latest artworks. Fragments is made up of nearly 200 identical small mirrors which, despite their flat and static appearance, collectively turn to face an approaching onlooker. Following as he or she moves, the mirrors’ movement creates varying, three-dimensional forms within the surface, causing the work to disperse a divided reflection. Questioning how machines see humankind, Fragments marks a development within Random International’s ongoing exploration of identity and autonomy in the post-digital age.  


Experience the US premier of Phenomena, a site-specific installation and publication by the Copenhagen based artist collective of Sara Galbiati, Peter Helles Eriksen and Tobias Selneas Markussen, and presented by East Wing (Dubai).

Together the trio pushes the boundaries of contemporary photographic documentation in surprising ways.  Running throughout the fair, the installation is the result of their investigation into what lies behind different accounts of UFOs and extra extraterrestrial beings.  Are these stories a series of commercially profitable tall tales, a mass delusion with social consequences, religious myth, or a physical phenomenon?  Through the presentation of empirically collected materials, gathered during an extensive journey through Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona, Phenomena encourages viewers to take a critical, but open minded look at what they discovered. 

The artists will be present at the fair to sign copies of the accompanying publication.

Jordan Sullivan, Night Finds You

Hung from the venue ceiling, the fabric photographs, printed on translucent silk, appear free-floating, giving them a sculptural and ghostly presence. Their transparency allows the entire space to become part of the image, and allowing them to transform depending on what or who can be seen through them. Created in 2016, each work is 40" x 60" (inches) and a triptych of overlapping images

Jordan Sullivan prints his ethereal landscapes on translucent silk fabrics which further abstract the images and creates an experience around the photographic image grounded in physical space. 

Scott McFarland’s Shattered Glass

CHOI&LAGER (Cologne & Seoul) and DIVISION Gallery (Montreal & Toronto) will present a special installation of Scott McFarland’s large-scale video work Shattered Glass, Sunny with cloudy periods (2016).   Eschewing Henri Cartier-Bresson’s notion of the decisive moment, McFarland has created imagery of a subject over time, expanding his examination of duration as well as the visual information collected. Shattered Glass, Sunny with cloudy periods, (2016) is a trans-mounted chromogenic print in an LED lightbox juxtaposed alongside a 4K video piece - both captured simultaneously using a digital camera. Through a dizzying mosaic of shattered glass can be seen a tranquil pastoral landscape of snow and trees. The fragments of glass at once reference the artist’s cultivated process of piecing together his works, the camera lens, and the root language of digital photography, pixels.

LEAP Screen

LEAP is China's only contemporary art magazine published in English and Chinese and serves the country's ever growing interest in art and art collecting.  The magazine will present LEAP Screen - Playback: What you see is not what you see as part of PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco's moving image sector.

Showing for the first time the United States, LEAP Screen will showcase the work of dynamic Chinese artists working at the cutting-edge of photography.  Each artwork attempts to investigate the limits of "seeing" and questions whether in a world whose iconographic borders seem increasingly open, is "seeing" itself actually expanding, or is it shrinking?

XITEK - Artist Focus Special Project: No Name by Wang Ningde

PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco’s Art Partner, XITEK, will present a special exhibition of new work by Chinese artist Wang Ningde.  One of China’s most exciting photographers, Wang will present the US premier of his latest work No Name at the fair.  The artist photographs brushstoke markings left by namesless people in urban spaces to create photographic artworks that are reminiscent of paintings in their appearance.