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Meghann Riepenhoff, Sea Wall Sea Stack

© MEGHANN RIEPENHOFF, Sea Wall Sea Stack 05, 2018. Courtesy of EUQINOMprojects (San Francisco) ​

Meghann Riepenhoff, Sea Wall Sea Stack, 2018.
Courtesy of EUQINOMprojects (San Francisco)

Riepenhoff makes cyanotypes directly in the landscape, resulting in unique works that are literal impressions of the environment. She frequently prints at the shoreline, imaging the ever-evolving edge of water and land. Sea Wall Sea Stack consists of six unique cyanotypes, each 42x120”, installed in columns on two walls.

This work stems from Riepenhoff’s interest coastal features that contend with the erosive nature of wind and waves over time. Sea stacks are geologic landmasses formed over millennia, where sea walls are anthropogenic barriers put in place to interrupt coastal processes, usually to shield human development from wind and waves. The work considers the negotiation between humans and the landscape, both wild and constructed. Like the environment in which the piece is made, the work itself is dynamic, and will subtly change over time.