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Since social media has become increasingly important in our daily lives, we’ve noticed more and more photographs and videos appearing online. The audience are also the creators. In order to understand this phenomenon, we’ve invited the SCREEEROOM to host the Photo Moments Awards along with us to celebrate the works of the talented. 



SCREENROOM  is an art project initiated by artist Cedar Zhou. The practice of SCREEN ROOM encourages art conversations via curated screens in everyday environments. Thus, SCREEN ROOM mainly use social media platforms such as Wechat account to present highly selected artworks created by artists who work with screen as the interface to explore and express their imagination and creativity. SCREEN ROOM has three research focuses: 1) immersive narrative of the screen 2) algorithm environment 3) screen as extended space.(They invites artists and curators to experiment with the screen in their curatorial and artistic processes.)  


About PMA

Photo Moments Awards (PMA) want to seek out and celebrate talented photography spread through the screen displays and social media. Based on the consideration of the characteristics of online and digital media, this award puts forward the exploration of the possibility of aesthetic appreciation, circulation and collection of photography in the age of screens while preserving the mechanism of photography selection and display.