Porsche 2021 Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit

© The first-generation Panamera topped the Shanghai World Financial Center,2009. Courtesy of Porsche

Here in Shanghai, China’s open gateway, through the past two centuries and under the profound modern development of the last 30 years, not only do we have an ever growing city, but an increasingly enriched metropolitan culture that is unique to Shanghai’s human and artistic communities. “Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit” takes its cue from Shanghai: A History in Photographs, created by Liu and Smith, and published in 2010. Building on that foundation, with new works to bring the timeframe up to the present, the exhibition will reshow the images from daily living to moving around the city, from food to fashion to art, from buildings and architecture of all styles to distinctive shops, shopping malls and businesses, etc.  

As a car brand dedicated to making sports car culture popular in China, Porsche, like Shanghai, has been digging deep into the Chinese mainland market for 20 years, witnessing the fusion of China’s old and new and the West, and actively promoting the development of Chinese culture and art by nurturing and complementing the development of Chinese culture and art with the help of Shanghai, a fertile land full of art and culture. 

Liu Heung Shing and Karen Smith said “The arts are one of the means by which the world now comes to Shanghai. We feel privileged to be invited to work with Porsche to present ‘ Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit ‘ and in celebration of its dynamic host city. Shanghai has a long and rich history, evidenced in its European architecture and leafy shaded boulevards, and the major events that have shaped its perimeters and urban center, forging its distinctive cultural identity. We hope that local audiences will be as delighted by this display of images of their city as we were in having the opportunity to search them out and bring them together.”

“Embracing everything is the interpretation of Shanghai’s profound heritage, while showcasing the unconventional is Shanghai’s performance of advancing with the times. Rooted in this, Porsche China also aims to use Shanghai’s tradition and innovation to convey Porsche’s everlasting newness.” President and Chief Executive officer of Porsche China Dr.-Ing Jens Puttfarcken said, “The 20 years of cultivating the mainland China is also the 20 years of the Porsche brand reform. We have experienced the unique style of China and Chinese customers. We look forward to encouraging more people who integrate art into their lives to express their own spirit by cooperation with PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai.”

Accompanying the seventh edition of PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai, Porsche will present a four-day exhibition for its celebration of 20th anniversary. As Shanghai illustrates its pioneering pluralistic social attributes, Porsche has also relied on a range of cultural and event activities such as the “Chinese Young Artists Biennial Awards” and the Porsche Corolla Cup in Asia to bring what’s in the past with what’s in the future. Porsche and Shanghai are like complementary elements of art, with their own spirit “to create” a different kind of art.