Dream and vision have always synonymous with Porsche, as the brand strives to turn dreams into reality. The exemplary success story of Porsche stands for pioneering spirit, passion and dreams.

In 2023, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the brand, Porsche launches the “DREAM IN COLOUR” exhibition to interpret the splendor of dreams and invite all dreamers to pursue their dreams together. Presenting a canvas of its everlasting pursuit of dreams through “Origin”, “Inspiration”, “Passion” and “Vision”, Porsche joins hands with renowned artists from China and abroad to explore the imagination and create dreams together.

Dream Big., the immersive installation by Scottish artist Chris Labrooy, and Glows in the Arctic, digital artwork by Chinese artist Yang Yongliang, both feature in this exhibition. Yang captures countless urban images, digitally synthesising, reconstructing, and reshaping them into cityscapes from various continents, including New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, London and Tokyo. This artwork synthesises traditional Chinese landscape art with contemporary practices, to reflect the outlook of the artist and the brand on the contemporary world.

Paying homage to dreams, Porsche invites you to get inspired and race towards your dream.