Previous Years

2023 Porsche Exhibition

In 2023, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the brand, Porsche launches the “DREAM IN COLOUR” exhibition to interpret the splendor of dreams and invite all dreamers to pursue their dreams together. Presenting a canvas of its everlasting pursuit of dreams through “Origin”, “Inspiration”, “Passion” and “Vision”, Porsche joins hands with renowned artists from China and abroad to explore the imagination and create dreams together.

2021 Porsche Exhibition

In 2021, Porsche celebrated its 20th anniversary in mainland China and presented a special exhibition, “Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit”, in collaboration with the Shanghai Center of Photography. The exhibition celebrates the dynamic spirit of Shanghai – China’s gateway to the world. Featuring images from the photobook Shanghai: A History in Photographs, 1840 to Today (by Liu Heung Shing and Karen Smith, 2010), the exhibition presents a great diversity of photographic viewpoints of life in the buzzing metropolis, from the humble to the elegant, from the intimacy of the lilongs, to the grandeur of its public facades.

2019 Porsche Exhibition

Presented exhibition Dream · Vision focusing on the four statements that have made Porsche the brand it is today: Icon, Design, Passion and Vision. This year exhibition curated a diverse collection of photographic artists known for the distinct, individual approach to their works that truly sees Porsche through their eyes and passion, including Irene Kung, Anton Corbijn, Maxime Guyon, James Dawe and many others.

2018 Porsche Exhibition

Featured TIMELESS 70 YEARS exhibition at the fair and brought together a number of world-class photography artists, including Rene Staud, Florian W. Mueller and other internationally renowned photographers. Rene Staud has worked on Porsche’s many models and has maintained a top-level in the 35 years of his creation. Florian W. Mueller is known for his combination of reality and abstract expression techniques. His works often express abstract imaginary spaces, memories and reality, images and actual structures, and embody artistic aesthetics in conflict.


Presented the ultimate photographic art of one-half second freeze in the theme of The Extreme.The exhibition also show people and cars, light and shadow in the lens of the photographic artist Oliver Kröning. Chinese artist Wu Ding exhibited his work exploring the hidden inner order of things and the “acceleration” of the modular world. And Ma Haijiao, a candidate from Porsche’s first “annual selection of young Chinese artists” brought his series of works “Before Yesterday”.