Connected | PHOTOFAIRS


© Miao Xiaochun, Samsara, 2009-2011 (video still). Courtesy of Video Bureau Archive (Beijing)


For the 2019 edition of PHOTOFAIRS the Connected program will be expanded to celebrate video and how new technologies (VR, AI, Video etc) can represent the un-representable for example, emotions, thoughts, contradictions and gaps in thought. Exhibitors are invited to submit proposals from which artworks for a limited number of spaces will be chosen by PHOTOFAIRS.

The 2018 program of Connected presented in collaboration with our Cultural Partners focused on video works:

  • Videotage (Hong Kong) with a Hong Kong-focused presentation featuring artists Joseph Chen and Simon Liu.
  • Video Bureau (Beijing & Guangzhou) with a dual presentation of works by Chen Qiulin and Miao Xiaochun.
  • HOW Art Museum (Shanghai) with a presentation by Joseph Beuys.
  • NOWNESS (Shanghai) with a presentation of artists in focus featuring Wolfgang TillmansWim Wenders and Petra Collins, amongst others.