YYO Foundation

© Object, 2018. Issac Lam | © Marrionette, 2018. Amanda Yang. Images courtesy of Courtesy of YYO Foundation



Individuality is a natural part of the modern society, we all have our own sense of style, ways of working and it is also an active influence on our identity. Our society rewards pushing individual agendas and standing out, it has now become a fragmented creative society.

‘Defragment’ is reversing the process of social individuality; ultimately reversing fragmentation. We are combining disjointed artists to create a new and enhanced creative community.

By connecting young talents and their various working styles to form an organic collective, we highlight their common goal - to be creative. The need for creativity is a constant struggle in this fast-changing society, therefore we need a community that really cares about artistic creation and its content creators as a whole.

Hence, we are launching a portfolio website RAWFISH.cn, to support creative talents and to showcase more fresh ideas.

This year we feature work from multiple talented artists that we have curated to join this movement. We will feature works by Lolita Sharun, Issac Lam, Rodney Ye, Dong Yu Wang, Lina L' man, Samuel Croskery, Amanda Yang and AlexAndra Deng, alongside special guest Ki Ki Xue.