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Hahnemühle Digital Fine Art Paper


Hahnemühle Fine Art is Gremany´s oldest artist paper manufacturer. We are in the business since 1584. Our genuine traditional artist papers, the precious and market leading digital Fine Art papers as well as our specialty paper for lab and technical applications are "Made in Germany".
Hahnemühle is the paper brand for artists, photographers, graphic designers, digital artists, digital and traditional print maker, bookbinder etc. In addition to the manufacturing of traditional artist papers, Hahnemühle today focuses on producing refined papers for digital print. The company invented the digital Fine Art Paper made of genuine artist paper with the finest inkjet coating, haptical surfaces, structures and highest longevity in the industry.
A growing part of business is the development and production of technical specialty papers and filtration papers for industry and research. The company based in Dassel, Southern Lower Saxony, has some 180 employees worldwide. Subsidiaries are located in the US, UK, France and China.

Hahnemühle will present art works by artists Fan Xi, Feng Li, Xiao Quan, Xu Guofeng and Yang Yongliang at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai. The art works range in various themes including from realistic, portrait to landscape. During the exhibition, Hahnemühle will invite audience to our booth and have an artist on-site event, it will be a great opportunity for you to interact with the outstanding artists up close and personal, and receive professional signed printing souvenir from Hahnemühle.