Staged explores the relationship between photography and other art forms such as installation art, sculpture, video and painting. This curated initiative spotlights artists of particular relevance within the contemporary photography arena in the form of chapters placed throughout the fair space. 

Staged invites participating galleries to submit proposals and these installations will be complemented by PHOTOFAIRS inviting leading Chinese and international museums to present an installation to promote their programming.


Welcome to Birdhead World

Contemporary artistic duo Birdhead (ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai, Beijing & Singapore) capture their experience of daily Shanghai life with their 13m x 3m photographic installation ‘Welcome to Birdhead’. The large-scale work captures the ever-changing metropolis of Shanghai and can be seen as a meditation of the contemporary city experience.   

2015 Family Tree

Making its Chinese debut is ‘2015 Family Tree’ by one of China’s most influential and provocative contemporary artists, Zhang Huan. Presented by Pace Gallery, ‘Family Tree’ is a performance piece documented in 9 still photographs in which Huan uses the face as a surface on which words, names and stories connected to his cultural heritage are, literally, written. 

Pleasant Island (The Pacific Solution)

Emerging Australian artist Sara Oscar will create a site-specific wallpaper installation for the fair, and will be presented by the Australian Centre of Photography(Sydney). Responding to the iconic ‘Sunbaker’ image by revered Australian photographer Max Dupain, Oscar’s large-scale wallpaper pushes theboundaries of the photographic medium and incorporates historical archive images along with digital collage and painting.

The Gap Between Performance and Photography

Shanghai Himalayas Museum will present a discussion topic through the study of Chinese performance artist He Chengyao's works to explore the relationship between the documentary function of photography and the site-specific character of performance in "The Gap between Performance and Photography - A Discussion About the Collecting Method".

The Real and Other Places

Video work by artists Daniel CrooksJoe HamiltonKatrin KoenningSonia Leber and David Chesworth will be presented by the Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne). Each artist explores photography’s complex relationship to the real.


New York-based artist Oliver Herring presents “Photogarment”, a collection of textiles designed by the artist, each printed with a dynamic image of local volunteers performing together in Xi’an. Garments are worn by a person posing as a mannequin, thereby reanimating the image and creating a dramatic tension between movement and stasis in the body, the process and the work. “Photogarment” is courtesy of the artist Oliver HerringOCAT Xi’an, and BANK, Shanghai.


As an artist with a PhD in Chemistry, Zhang Jin bridges art and science with his artworks. In 'ME', presented by LUXELAKES: A4 Art Museum, Chengdu, Jin's work focuses on Melamine (also known as ME), the additive used to adulate milk in the widely-remembered 2008 toxic milk scandal in China.

5th Street / Princesse Y

The Maison Européenne de la Photographie (Paris) has a vast photography collection comprising more than 20,000 works.  In recognition of the increasing number of photographers exploring 'moving image', the MEP's video collection has also expanded over the last 10 years.  Two artists from this collection - Anne Deleporte(France): 5th Street / Peter Aerschmann (Switzerland): Princesse Y - are presented at the fair.

Agnosis: The Lost Memories

The Head of Research and Creation at Chronus Art Center (CAC) and artist Fito Segrera presents a series of photography works that are generated by using a brain-computer interface and a portable camera. The artist is able to constantly scan his brain activity, and record the moments his attention drops. These "lost memories", which the artist naturally will not remember, are then rendered by the system as abstract sculptures in a 3D virtual world and an autonomously generated log book. Works courtesy of Chronus Art Center (Shanghai).

As Simple As Clay

"As Simple As Clay” is an encyclopedic catalogue of cross-cultural representation and understanding of clay, a fundamental material for art and construction, and in many religions and cultures, the primal substance shaping the human beings. A site specific installation by artist Liu Shiyuan, courtesy of Leo Xu Projects.