Conversations is a series of talks —online and onsite—between artists, curators, gallerists, and arts professionals that brings an in-depth dimension to the key themes and ideas shaping photography today.


21 April

14:00 – 15:00
Insights | Transformation: Paper, Sculpture and Image
The curator of Insights, the participating artists, and the Editorial Director of The New York Times Life and Arts China will deliberate on the transformation of media and how artists translate their individual social experiences and observations into their work.

15.30 – 16.30
The Prospect of Collecting Photography and Digital Artworks
Collectors will share the rationale for selecting, conserving and managing their collections and their understanding of the prospects of combining photography, digital art, and emerging technologies.

17.00 – 18.00
Dummy book: the first step in moving photos from the wall to our hands
Due to the reproductive capacity of photographs, the relationship between exhibition and publication is the most critical part of photography; the dummy book becomes a pivotal bridge for such connection. In this conversation, guests will elaborate and reflect on the significance of the dummy book.

22 April

14.00 – 15.00
Lens & Landscape | The discrepancy and synchronicity on the two opposite ends of the cultural spectrum
In collaboration with Fotobokfestival Oslo, Northing assembles 50 of the most representative contemporary Norwegian photobooks and presents the new book Lens & Landscape, a collaboration between Shanghai artist Ma Liang and Bergen artist Tonja Bjørn-Bekland. The guests will have a dialogue based on these books.

15.30 – 16.30
Artists in Conversation | Birdhead
Birdhead, the artist duo, will discuss the preciseness in control and breath- taking serendipity in the world of their photography.

Artists in Conversation | Li Shun
Curator Hai Jie interviews Li Shun about his latest practice.

23 ApRIL

14.00 – 15.00
Exposing the Photography Collection of Public Museum – A Case Study of Shanghai Doland Museum of Modern Art
The guests will employ the Shanghai Doland Museum of Modern Art photography collection as an example to delve into the context of the collection and the corresponding methodology.

15.30 – 16.30
Book launch | Farmer: Photographic Portraits
Farmer: Photographic Portraits by Pang Xiaowei, a Chinese portrait photographer, was published by ACC BOOKS. The Book launch will unravel the story of this book, which includes nearly 160 images of Chinese contemporary farmerstechnologies.