Artist: Yui Takada


JPY 7,500

Photographs: Yui Takada
– Design:
– Book Size: 174(~) x 210 mm  
– Pages: 332 pages
– Print: Offset
– Publication Year: 2022
 Language: Japanese, English, Chinese
– Edition: 2000
– ISBN: 978-1-9995159-5-9

Appearing as a magnetic line cutting across space, pulling inward and connecting together elements from our collective environment, which begin to cohesively spin harmoniously in a single orbit, the practice of graphic designer Yui Takada provides us with a new view of our world. These elements are sampled from the mundane, the seemingly ordinary scenes and objects that surround us, which are then elevated to a state that appears entirely contradictory to its own nature, but simultaneously expresses it with such honesty that the said nature is not simply maintained, but celebrated. Through wielding this transformative cyclone like energy, Takada makes us “aware”.

Built out of 471 individual fragments, collected and documented environmental and contextual elements such as waste bins, tree skin, no smoking signs, and newspaper clippings from the author’s daily life, as well as various other experimental projects, this book has become a physical manifestation of the “axis” Takada has created. Order is generated not through a systematic application of logic, but rather in the acceptance and love for (and the utilization of) chaos which seems to have resulted in a completely new form of existence. The “axis” is an object, comprised of layer upon layer of seemingly disparate material, bound together both physically and by an order generated through chaos, that gives us the opportunity to objectively see something where the contours appear to be in a constant state of flux.

Essays by Ikuhisa Sawada (Photographer) and Shuta Hasunuma (Musician) provide perspectives from those who have no direct relationship with Takada, but whose practices are inextricably interlinked with the idea of the “axis”. Interviews with designers Nobuo Nakagaki, Kenya Hara and Kazunari Hattori, each of whom have long standing relationships with Takada, provide three unique impressions of his work, attitude and methods.

About Yui Takada

Born in 1980 in Tokyo, Takada graduated from Kuwasawa Design School. He is the Director of Allright Inc., which consists of Allright Graphics and Allright Printing. He is an Associate Professor at Tokyo Zokei University, a member of JAGDA and a member of AGI.

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