I, Celine Liu

I, Celine Liu

Artist: Liu Silin

Publisher: La Maison de Z

EUR 47

– Book Size: 13 x 26 cm
– Pages: 66 pages
– Binding: Multi-set of a booklet in 5-colour printing, a flip book, 
and a sound devise box
Packed in a Pantone fluorescent printed takeaway bag
– Publication Year: 2021
– Limited Edition: 500
– ISBN: 978-2-9564071-6-4

Liu Silin creates a character Celine Liu who traverses history, culture, politics and identity, yet says that Celine Liu is in fact nobody: Celine Liu can be anyone, and anyone can be Celine Liu. In this era of image overload, Celine Liu uses herself as a vehicle to push the boundaries between the real and the fictional, the mundane and the ritual, the private and the public, the individual and the universal, allowing her character to be circulated within the virtual world of the Internet.

Through her self-constructed images, Liu Silin re-examines historical narratives and cultural memories, and reflects on the obsession with cultural icons and the value of commodity culture in the mass media environment. In her artistic practice, Liu Silin investigates and reinterprets the traditional social conventions of image worship – conventions that are constructed and shaped by the mass media environment and our digital life.

About Liu Silin

Liu Silin (aka Celine Liu), was born in 1990 in Shenyang and lives and works in Beijing. She crosses the boundaries of photography and digital art, while also exploring installation and performance. In her series I’m everywhere, which she started in 2012, she challenges our global cultural landscape by literally integrating herself into iconic portraits in the history of photography.

Moving beyond time and space, Liu’s work was awarded the Discovery Award at Jimei x Arles International Photography Season in 2016 and on show at Rencontres d’Arles in 2017. In 2015, she was selected as part of the reGeneration3 program at Musée de l‘Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland.

About La Maison de Z

La Maison de Z is an on-going project focusing on Chinese contemporary photography and independent publications. Using publishing as a way of research which explores the intricate relationship between realities and memories, La Maison de Z was founded by French-Chinese artist Zhen Shi in 2015 and starts to publish their own editions in 2018. The project allows a growing audience to discover the most recent works of emerging Chinese artists.

More information: www.lamaisondez.com