Leave and Let Us Go

Leave and Let Us Go

Artist: Alexandra Rose Howland

Publisher: GOST Books

GBP 50

– Book Size: 18 x 24 cm
– Pages: 340 pages
– Binding: Hardback / 6 gatefolds
– Publication Year: 2021
– ISBN: 978-1-910401-58-3

Leave and Let Us Go presents a portrait of Iraq—a country often misunderstood and misrepresented. In this new book, Alexandra Rose Howland combines her own photographs with found images and written testimonies, Her aim is to challenge and expand the ways that geopolitical events are communicated.

About Alexandra Rose Howland

Alexandra Rose Howland (b.1990, US/UK) has a background as an abstract painter and this informs her work, resulting in multidimensional projects that use images, found objects, interviews and video. Through her work she seeks to generate a more honest understanding of “the other” while also questioning the contemporary conundrum of image saturation. 

Howland began photographing in 2015 after relocating to Turkey and moved to Iraq in 2017 and has since been documenting the environment surrounding conflict.

 Her work has been internationally with both solo and group exhibitions including “Road to Mosul”, Oxo Tower, London; “Textured to Only Us”, Old Bank Distrcit, Los Angeles; “I-ΣMIGRAZIONI”, Photo Lux Festival, Italy; and “Where I Lay My Head”, Hillvale Gallery, Australia. Howland regularly works with National Geographic, The New York Times, Le Monde, and Wall Street Journal among others.

About GOST Books

Founded in 2012, GOST Books is an independent visual arts and photography publisher based in London.

We pride ourselves on an uncategorisable output of diverse subject matter and design: from a chronicle of seven men claiming to be the Messiah; a study of Turkish soap operas; art works inspired by the largest breeding grounds for flamingos in the Southern Hemisphere; archive photographs from the Mexico City police department; to portraits of winners of state-run competitions in Belarus.

GOST aims to not only provide a platform for the work of emerging artists but contribute to print legacies of masters in the medium.

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